Struggles are real

These past few weeks, I feel like dying. I have no appetite for weeks and my health is getting worse every passing day. The thought of handing in my resignation would cross my mind but I don’t have the right to do so yet. My priorities and responsibilities are stopping me from resigning from my … More Struggles are real

Welcome back

I have been inactive to blogging for more than a year now. Although nobody cares, I want to revive this blog again. This has been my safe haven during my college years and I can’t abandon it just like that. A lot has happened in my life since I stopped blogging. In May 2017, I graduated with … More Welcome back

To Be Alone

Although I often sayI’m fine with being alone,I still want someone to be by my side. Although I naturally sayI don’t want to hold on to people,I still want someone to stay after all. I might say I can be happy in my own world,but I still want someone to make me laugh. But then, … More To Be Alone

Sayonara, 2016

Another year has run its term. I have been 20 years existing and certainly, I have a lot to thank for as 2016 wind down. Sincerely, I think 2016 has been one of those best years that come to pass, thus, I am grateful. Although with all those failures and disappointments, I come to learn … More Sayonara, 2016